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9 Sexiest Men's Colognes
You want to buy your new man his next signature scent. He’s been wearing Cool Water long enough. Not sure what to get him? Read on for our 9 picks of sexiest men’s colognes. They’ll benefit his psyche and your nose!
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Lure him with sexy essential oils
Lavender has long been used for its calming properties. The scent is fresh with a hint of spice and can be used to help relax either you or your partner. If you’re feeling tense after a long day, lavender can help ease anxiety and make room for romance.
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Romantic hairstyle #2: Long, loose waves
There’s something about long hair that’s always romantic, but long hair in lovely loose waves is even more so. It’s a particularly feminine hairstyle that brings to mind effortless glamour and allure. While you can dress down this hairstyle, its best accompanied with a more formal look.
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Pucker up: Our favorite flavored lipgloss
Balmshell... The subtle vanilla scent of this gloss is perfect for everyday wear and sweet enough to give your kisses a little extra oomph. When it comes to shine, Balmshell gives your lips a high gloss finish but doesn’t go on too thick. 15 flirty shades give you lots of options for matching your gloss to your mood our outfit.
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