April's Poetry Picks
Engage your senses with our montly selection of passionate poetry! See below for this month's sections or submit your own...
The Sweetest Dreams
by Erin Bishop
by Lovingwaiya
Rose of Our Love
by Spiderhannah
A Candle At Night
by Juzjon
Just Your Touch
by Bonnee
Previous Poems
Lips of Fire
Bonds of Love
Would You?
Flames of Passion
Your Seduction
A Fire Within Us
Hot For You
First Time
Making Love
More Than Just Passion
If You Were Here...
Long Goodbye
Playful Love
Sexual Thoughts
Unbridled Passion
Cloud of Desire
My Saving Grace
When You're Away
Candy Box
Contented Exhaustion
He Touched Me There
Such Love
Into Each Other
All I Want Is You
Sweet Yearning
Fury Erotica
Before We Met
Hunger Is Its Name
Hold Me, Love Me
Dreams of Fantasies
Body Bliss
Our First Time
One Love
Timeless Moment
Lovers of Eros
Wanting You
This Kiss
Instant Fusion
Our Fire
Erotic Nights
A Glorious Force
Night of Passion
Double "E"
Heaven Bound
Moonlit Voyage
Stirring Senses
Sweet Desires
Making Love
Passion Released
My Lover's Will
Passion Released
Forever In A Moment
Sensual Love
Sexual Wine
Fallen Angel
When the Night Comes
Loving You With Words
A Puddle Of Want
In My Hands
Lover's Dance
Dance With Me
Lost In Paradise
I Couldn't Sleep
The Taste of Your Body
Fallen Angel
In the Heat of Passion
Just Love Me Tonight
Just a Touch
Fallen Angel
I Crave You
Dreams of Desire
Our Secret Place
The Power of a Kiss
Between Eternity
Euphoric Heaven
The Power of a Kiss
Lost in a Dream
Scent of a Woman
Invoked Feelings
Meet Me, My Lover
In My Mind's Eye
Making Love
The Geography of You
Living On The Edge Of Lust
My Unconcious Surrender
Purest Light
For Your Pleasure
In The Heat Of The Night
Ecstasy's Dance
Our Love
My Burning Desire
As I Take You
Come To Me
One Morning
What You Do To Me
Lost in Thought
Mine & Yours
A Cherished Memory
Mindscape Mantra
Was It Only Yesterday?
Essence of the Gift
Make Love To Me
Parting at Morn
Her Hands
Delicious Imaginations
Stroking Flames of Desire
Our First Kiss
The Night
Open Up
Intimate Love
Last Night I Cried
Soulmates Of Love
Forget Me Knot
Can't Wait
Sex On The Beach
Soft Sweet Kisses
Not So Solitary Pleasures
Love Perfected
Loving You
Damp Tangled Sheets
When You Sleep with Me
But If Only To See You
Fire With Fire
Morning Love Encounter
Let's Make Love Slowly
The Simplest Things
Forbidden Lust
Cloud Dancing
The Tapestry
You Thrill Me
A Cup Of Lovers' Wine
Softly Together
I Want Your Love
The Offer Of Your Kiss
Erotic Bedroom
I Love You So Much
Our Souls Touched
What I Want
Create Me A Memory
Never Have I Loved So Much
Endless Night
Our Bodies Moving
Take Me There
Expressions Of Pleasure
Passion's Kiss
Our First Time
Sweet Sin
Last Night
Burning Desire
Erupting Lava
A Love So Strong
Blue Moon
I Want You
Will You Let Me Love You?
Our Life Of Bliss
I Surrender
Make Love To Me
Secret Love
If Wishing Were True
Instead Of Me
Dark Passion
The Hallway
Willow Limbs
Bedtime Erotica
Black Lace
Forever Kind of Ecstacy